Jul 21, 2012


Favors & My Haitian Culture

I was thinking we would omit the favors/gifts to guest but I may include red velvet cupcakes (my friend gave as favors to her engagement party last year and they were to die for), but I thought just giving a cupcake was kind of corny from my perspective. Recently, I read Crystal's (msxtal's) bio and reviewed the pics from her fabulous wedding and noticed that her and her new husband's background are of Haitian decent, they were both born in Haiti. I wanted to include my Haitian culture in some way but didn't really know how to include until I saw her bio, then it hit me, I too would try to get the Barbancourt Haitian Rum to provide as favors. This is really important to me because my FI's Nigerian culture is very strong and will be well/heavily represented in our wedding however with me being born in the US and very Americanized in a sense, I really wanted to find a way to recognize my parents heritage. Many Haitians I know always tease me in saying that I'm a nonHaitian which I don't find funny but I laugh it off, so I really wanted to find a way to include. So thank you Crystal for the inspiration.

So the search began, how do I find over 100 bottles of Barbancourt after readying Crystal's message which notes that the factory where produced in Haiti was damaged during the earthquake to the point where the cellars were destroyed. Well,  I started to reach out to all of my contacts who travel to Haiti frequently and received some positive responses to my request for assistance.....and today one of the members on a board that I sit on was able to get 12 miniature bottles for me, so 12 down, 108 to go, wish me luck!

Update: I found all of them, a good friend from high school flew into Haiti w/her family and ended up getting me the six cases that helped me reach 144!!


Favors My Haitian Culture photo 1

Update 7/10/2012: Our 2nd set of favors are in, FI's mom ordered mugs as a gift to guest from her family, and I decided to go w/blue since it's FI's favorite color to add elements of him throughout the wedn in some sort of way. I used one of the monogram designs that my friend created for us. I love them!


Updated 12/5/2012, this is how it turned out on the table.


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Good luck with the search!

Thank you!

I'll will ask my Fmil also she goes to Haiti every other month so I'll see what she can do

I'm in the North Dade area of Miami, please let me know, any assistance appreciated!