Mar 10, 2012


NONPROS: Pre-ceremony

These non-pros were taken by Susan, one of my BMs, and Mary, a friend of mine.


NONPROS Pre ceremony photo 1

Getting my hair done at the salon; my original hairdresser was unable to be there that day due to a family issue, but she set me up with a wonderful woman who once did hair for fashion shows in Russia.

NONPROS Pre ceremony photo 2

This is Alesha, my matron of honor and sister-in-love.  She was such an amazing source of help and support.

NONPROS Pre ceremony photo 3

This was one of our pastor's daughters when she first saw me.  The reaction of her, her younger sister, and many others was truly classic.  It's true what they say about the hope and beauty that a bride symbolizes, and I don't think you truly realize it when you are the bride.

NONPROS Pre ceremony photo 4

My grandmother has been like a mom to me for many years (people have even referred to her as my mom at times).  She is such a blessing in my life.


(3) Comments

Wow! You are the definition of a glowing bride!  Love that picture with your Grandma!

and she sure looks more like a mum,. I dont know her age, but she doesnot look like a grandmother :-)))

SO beautiful! I love how happy you look in all the pics, but especially that first one!