Jul 21, 2012


DIY Invitation and Website

Here goes, I purchased the invitations from Michael's and attempting to print today (didn't end up printing until 5/6/2012, too many changes took place that I had to accommodate). I have been looking at so many websites for inspiration. Finally I saw this design from someone on weddingbee, I downloaded this font from and combined it with Times New Roman, I then downloaded the template from the website on the invitation and started typing and I played around with spacing. I plan to add this black lace ribbon to the envelopes, I tried ivory but everyone says the black looks better since the envelope is ivory. The invitation itself is already busy enough, the lace didn't look good around it. I'm just getting started, getting to the print phase was hard enough, operation assembly and website is next. What do you think about the language, and what do you think I need to add to the invitation to make it look better, if any? Also do you think the by invite only is tack? Any thoughts on the language on the invitation?


DIY Invitation and Website photo 1My initial purchase 2 months ago.


DIY Invitation and Website photo 2

UPDATE: I gave up on designing my own website, too much stress, I couldn't everything in place and I need to get information out to people already. Believe me give yourself enough time to work on these projects, it can take its toll. Well thank you PW, I just pulled one of the templates that looked like my invitation design!!!! Surprised I even found this design there but glad I did, I could not change it to black but no biggie, not stressing over that. The good news, FI loves the color blue and I didn't incorporate into the wedding so there he gets the wedding website with the color he likes. I'm not going to stress over the fact that the color is blue even though I want it black....letting it go! Well, another update on 4/17, I ended up changing the design to an ivory and gold. My daughter said the blue was too strong and not in line w/my color palette. Honestly don't stress over everything, at the end of the day ppl don't even see the behind the scene activity. Glad I changed it, looks better!

2nd UPDATE: Finally printed! See below. And the website is up,


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