Oct 25, 2008



Book your Vendors early!!  Not being the first among my friends to get married, I was told this advice over and over again.  And now I am joining that team to tell you to book your Vendors early!! 

There are many advantages to booking early.  The most important is that you get your first choices.  We felt we were able to book first rate vendors who did great work and who were great to work with.  I know that I rave about my vendors, but that is because they are great and thats exactly why I booked them.  Our vendors a seasoned in the wedding field and know that couples have enough on their mind.  These vendors make things simple for us and they understand how important our wedding day is to us.  It made all the differenc for me.

The second advantage to booking early is you save so much time and money!!  Being able to pick our first choices meant that we did not have to spend anytime looking for a back-up option. We saved money because second options may be more expensive. 

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