Jul 21, 2012


Inspirations Coming to Life!

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1. My actual wedding card box and pretty close to what I wanted, it's in the mail, my soon to be sister in law ordered it for me from etsy! - Check

Update 6/14/2012 - Received confirmation that it shipped, should be here soon! ...arrived on 6/19/2012!!

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2. Wedding website is up, horray!!! It is better than what I imaged. Family/friends chipped in with the bios and I uploaded epics, old pics and information for our guest, it really looks good.

3. DIY pomanders in black. I may do ivory instead.

4. DIY lace covered candles.

 5. Photobook for guest sign in ordered from Shutterfly with a deal I received from Living Social, I love that site! It came in the mail, absolutely in love with this book -Check

 6. If you are serious about weight loss, just do some online research on healty eating, nutrition and exercise and you can do this on your own, be your own personal trainer, motivate yourself. I started really working the week after X-mas 2011, I went from 164lbs to 146 lbs as of May 9. My goal is 140 lbs or to fit in my dress comfortably, my first fitting will be around May 31, 2012 when the dress is scheduled to come in. Almost a check! Update 6/14/2012: I am officially 141 lbs.

7. Ordered the personalized napkins, matches and ribbons, I got them from website on 6/14/2012, there is a special that one of the PW brides posted on the board, $19 off. I plan to use the ribbons that say thank you around the miniature rum bottles I have. I've decided not to buy bags for the miniature rum bottles, I see it as a waste of money to spend that kind of money for 150 bags that will be thrown away.

8. Got the black vases, one of my friends found some nice vases at Walmart...almost impossible to find black vases on a budget...all of the thrift stores have glass. DOC will do the flower saved, all I have to do is place the order for the flowers. Update 6/20/2012: found a beautiful large black vase at ROSS today that I plan to use for our place cards table. And hired Flowers To Go Miami to help w/flower arrangements, I realized it will be 2 much 4 planner. 


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It is hard to find black vases cheaply. I love the picture you chose for your guest book cover.