Aug 12, 2012


My Dress

Okay if you don't know me, let me start by saying that I got engaged April 24, 2011 and are getting married on August 12, 2012.  So I am less then 5 Months away from my Wedding (Yayyy!)  Saying that my dress has been the biggest wedding problem I have. 

In May 2011 at an Alfred Angelo Sample Sale I bought a gown for $106.00  That I now hate.

Okay if you don photo 3320164-1


So In October I decided to change my dress.  While living in Idaho (different story for a different day), I found a  Jasmine Coutre Dress that I loved (and still do).

Okay if you don photo 3320164-2


But not for the $1900.00 price tag.  So after moving back to California I got it down to two beautiful dresses under $1000 that I love. 

Here they are:


Okay if you don photo 3320164-3Okay if you don photo 3320164-4


Can Anyone what guess that I bought today!  The plan is that my Mom and Dad know which dress I bought BUT my girls do not until the day of until I will reveal the dress to them as well.  Both our Beautiful but I am more sure about my dress now then I have been about any of the dresses I have tried on. 

Well Good Luck Guessing and you will have a 50/50 chance to get it right.  But to find out for sure you are just going to have to wait until I post my recap!!!


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You look amazing in both dresses! Which dress did you choose? How is married life?

Oh, I remember this...I can't wait to see what dress you chose (#1 is still my fave on you!).

Haha, you tease! jk! I remember you posting about these in the forums...I'm still not sure which dress you chose! Cant wait for the recap :)