Nov 12, 2011


***BOTW 4/27/2012***

I had the honor of being chosen as BIO of the week! so honored and excited to have this :)

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nccatim and her groom said their vows as the sun shone on them through a giant wall of windows. Their wedding was rich and beautiful in shades of green, blue, and purple, with peacock accents. The topsy turvy peacock cake with custom bride and groom topper was perfection. Custom artwork made by friends, peacock colored cotton candy martinis, and the bride's surprise reception dress all brought great touches that made their wedding unique and memorable!

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Awesome wedding! Thanks for sharing your pics. As a planning bride, these pictures help me to get excited about my own wedding. Thanks & much happiness to you and your husband!!

Congrats on BOTW!!!! Your wedding was fantastic.