Jun 23, 2012


::répondez, s'il vous plaît::

Our DOC also does graphic design so she created our monogram and put that together with our invitiation wording for printing. Below is what she came up with based on fonts I liked. 

You are cordially invited to see what I did for our invitations! I found a 4 fold pocket invitation kit at Target for $40 a kit. It included everything I needed: Card for invitation and RSVP, pocket enclosure, envelopes for RSVP and invitation, sticker seals, and pre-cut ribbon! Made by Gartner Studios. I added embelishments to dress them up a little bit but here they are!

The kit:

RSVP photo 1

My Work Station!

RSVP photo 2

Printing and added embelishment to dress up the invite!

RSVP photo 3RSVP photo 4

The invite card added and all folded up ready to be stuffed!

RSVP photo 5RSVP photo 6

In the envelop, I loved how the A peeked out from it. :)

RSVP photo 7

All ready to go, the night before dropping off at USPS to be hand canceled!

RSVP photo 8

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