Jul 21, 2012


Operation Invite! 1st Big DIY Project!!

This past weekend, my daughter and I worked on invitations from 3pm to 2am on Sunday, I was a wreck the next day going into the office.

I decided to DIY my invites, so this has been one of the bigger DIY projects I have undertaken and I'm greatful to have had the help. I purchased the invite from Michael's, which you can see above (the one bad thing about this process was that the ink smudged a bit so I had to spend a lot of time fixing this so problem). After finally deciding on a design for the invites, RSVP card and additional insert, we began the process by printing everything from invites to envelopes. I am also so thankful for Michael's, although they can be on the high/expensive side, there are lots of coupons available but more importantly access to people who are in the business of arts and crafts to provide some guidance. On two occasions I received assistance that helped out with my invites, I learned how to do embossing and someone else showed me how to tie the ribbons. I also found my florist at Michael's!!!

Right now I am just trying to figure out how to add the return address for the envelopes that are being mailed. I tried to keep my inserts light so that I would not have to pay so much at the post office. I was able to find a nice wedding cake stamp at 65cents for my outer envelope and the 45cent wedding rose for the rsvp cards!

Well, here we go! And I'll add pictures of the final tie up with the bow once I take some more photos.

We both wore gloves so that none of the invites would get dirty!

Operation Invite 1st Big DIY Project photo 1Operation Invite 1st Big DIY Project photo 2Operation Invite 1st Big DIY Project photo 3Operation Invite 1st Big DIY Project photo 4Operation Invite 1st Big DIY Project photo 5

Update, 5/12/2012, first two rsvp's in!


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Gorgeous invites!!!!