Sep 28, 2012


Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Old: Possibly a hand kerchief from my grandmother

New: My dress

Old New Borrowed Blue photo 1

Borrowed: Cake serving set from one of my BMs

Old New Borrowed Blue photo 2

Blue:  Bouquet Cameo

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AND instead of a six pence in my shoe I will be placing a daisy..or a dried daisy sticker. Here is the back story of that:

When I was in high school I tried out for the freshman basketball cheerleading squad..and didnt make it..i was so heart broken. When JV tryouts came around I tried out mom brought me a bouquet of daisies before I went to try out and we put a few daisies in my shoe for good luck. When try outs were over i took my shoes off and the daisies were GONE! ( they probably just got ground up from moving alot) but we took it as a good sign! Well I made the squad! my mom did this for me each tryout after and for both of my sisters! Everytime she did we made it:) so this will be my good luck charm on my big day:)

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