Jun 23, 2012


::Showered with Love::

Lingerie Shower (Shower #1) on 5.6.12, two of my BM's were the hosted a lingerie shower for me and they did a fantastic job! I loved it and had a awesome time! While the turn out wasn't the greatest I had a blast. The food was yummy, the decor was cute, and the games were fun! We played Bridal Bingo and guess who brought what underwear game! LOL And I am officially set for sexy underwear! LOL

Here are some photos :) 

The invite!

Bra cake

Showered with Love photo 1Showered with Love photo 2

Cookie Favors!

Showered with Love photo 3

Some awesome gifts!

Showered with Love photo 4Showered with Love photo 5Showered with Love photo 6


Showered with Love photo 7

Showered with Love photo 8Showered with Love photo 9Showered with Love photo 10

Showered with Love photo 11Showered with Love photo 12

Me and my Mama

Showered with Love photo 13

Kari, Me, Sierra - my awesome BM's and hosts!

Showered with Love photo 14


I had the most amazing time this past weekend! Saturday (5.19/12) was my Bridal Shower Tea Party hosted by my Sister (MOH) and then that night was my Bachelorette. We had so much fun, and there was even a star appearance made by Uhlease!!! :) More on that later. :) 

The Shower was perfect, the games were fun, and we got some really great items. I feel an overwhelming amount of joy and love from those around me celebrating with me. For the Bach party, we hopped in a limo, went to a pole dancing class and then hit up some bars in Sac. And of course pix are below!

The invite!

Some of the decor - My Sister thought of everything! She's so creative and clever.


Food tree made using tea cups and saucers. Gift table.

Table decor, and entry decor.

Food table.

Our Toilet Paper Brides. Dean'na, me, Terra

Me and my Aunt D. Me and my Nana.

Me and my Mama. Me and my Grandma (my Mom's Mom)

Me and Danielle. Me and Sierra (my BM).

My Sister, Amber and I.

My Sister also gave me a beautiful box and enclosed was some Bridal Swag from VS (2 tanks, 2 undies, and the white Bride zip up hoodie), wedding day emergency kit items, makeup bag with Bride embroidered on it, and my Mrs. Albert hanger!!! I'm a giddy happy girl!

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You look like you had an amazing time, lovely bridal shower!

Both of your showers looked amazing!!

Cute shower theme!!