May 04, 2012

Enjoying married to the fullest!!! Looking forward to a bright future!


Our wedding day was one of the greatest days in my life. I t did not go as planned in the beginning but it was worth all of the stress because I was totally in heaven by the time we got started. Ok, first of all, I had a hangover, lol, it was horrible! When I finally got up, I called my groom and he did not know where our CAR was. I'm like, seriously! He had gotten drunk the night before and didn't remember that his cousin had driven him home. Then, he could not find a simple, white  button down shirt, which really upset me because I had been telling him to buy his shirt for months. Nevertheless, he found a shirt after 3 hours of searching. Next, the decorating took longer than I predicted and I didn't even start getting dressed until 4:45 and the wedding was to begin at 5!

        So I got ready for my wedding in record time and arrived back at the venue at 5:30. It was okay for me to be late, but it was totally not okay for the best man to get there 15 minutes after me. It was 92 degrees out and we were super late, not good. But once we were able to begin, EVERYTHING WENT PERFECTLY! I could not have been happier about the way things turned out. Plus, none of our guests complained about having to wait. God bless them. I had so much fun that I completely forgot about my reception dress that I was so proud of, lol! My bridesmaids and I did a special dance for my hubby and he loved it. The bouquet and garter tosses were super fun. I never wanted it to end. I know that for as long as I live, I will never forget not one single detail of this day. I'm soooooo happy!




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Your bouquet is stunning!

Thanks Tressy, I did love my day! Thanks Santosha!

Why have I not commented on this yet?!!  Such an amazing wedding day for one original bride!!!

I loved that YOU LOVED YOUR DAY!!! You look so happy and so incredibly in love! I love  how you made your wedding day, YOUR OWN. Here's to a bride who did it her way for her day!