Jun 01, 2012


Our Inspiration: Ceremony

Since we are getting married on a Friday at 7pm our priest suggested that we do a candle light service. Being a big old romantic I immediately fell in love with the idea. We decided that with the set up of the church we also wanted to make sure that everyone in our audience felt close to us. The church is a giant T shaped building. Therefore we are going to ask that our guests sit in the body of the church. Candles and candlabras with the help of low lighting will assist in creating the desired mood. I am also a big proponent in showing off our amazing and beautiful wedding party. So we are creating a V-shape when we are in front of everyone with my FI and I in the middle- facing out to our audience. The officiant actually suggested this! 

Our Inspiration Ceremony photo 1

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We are strong in our faith. That is why we really wanted a ceremony that revealed that our faith in God is center. This is why we are having what is called a braiding ceremony. It is based off of a verse in Ecclesiastes that states two things; 2 are better than one, and that a 'cord of three strands is not easily broken'. This symbolizes that with God we cannot be torn apart. I am really excited about this because it is a physical reminder that we hang in our home. I have seen it once before and believe it to be an awesome testament to others. Here are some pictures of other people doing it.

Our Inspiration Ceremony photo 4Our Inspiration Ceremony photo 5Our Inspiration Ceremony photo 6 Our colors will be different because A) These didn't match our color scheme and B) I refused to pay the full price for a premade one. One strand will be Navy to symbolize FI's wisdom and strength. The sage green symbolizes the harmony, and growth that I bring to our family. Finally, the white symbolizes God's perfect purity and forgiveness.










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We did our rope ceremony a bit different. We had a three strand rope that already braided that was placed around our hands as we said our vows. Each strand represents the three people in our marriage; God, husband & wife (: