Dec 27, 2012

A married Mrs. living one day at a time, still so in love with weddings!

Sugar plums dance in their heads..

Christmas Christmas Christmas! Gingerbread houses, stockings, mistletoe, holly, pinecones, garlands, and wreaths this is the stuff my wedding will be made of. I'm thinking ball ornaments signed in sharpie and hung on a set up Christmas tree for a guest book....Mr. and Mrs. stockings hung on the giant stone fireplace with a small table full of notecards and pens for advice you can stuff our stocking with. Christmas cards strung on twine across the front of the banquet tables, and a gingerbread house front and center on the cake table with cupcakes and christmas cookies. I'm thinking fur muffs for the bridesmaids instead of bouquets and possibly a fur stole for the bride :) red vests under charcoal suits for the guys with maybe candy cane striped ties. Maybe even tacky Christmas sweaters for us to leave the reception in.....oh the possibilities! Going to visit the venue with the mothers in June and to pick out my dress with all of them finally together! AHHHHHHhhhhh suddenly everything starts to become more real. Now if only i could get it to lightly dust snow on our wedding day.....now that would be a Texas wedding miracle ;)

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Whoa! Love that!

This is too cute! And you just gave me an idea to file away...ugly Xmas sweater-themed shower!

Everything sounds amazing! A Christmas wonderland!! I'll send a prayer for a dusting of snow in Texas. lol

I love all of the details you have written about here.  I can't wait to see things start to come together!!! It's going to be GORGEOUS!