Jul 21, 2012


Dakota is Finally here!! She is here!

OMG! I got a call today and of course I have my bridal consultants work and cell number on my phone, so when I saw the missed call and was in a client meeting. Oh my gosh, I wanted to walk out of the meeting to call her because I knew it could be only one thing....that the DRESS WAS HERE!!!! ok, so I composed myself and listened to her voicemail and then called my mom who was filled w/joy because I was filled with joy and then I proceeded to call everyone to let them know she was here, then I had to stop because I was driving to a lunch meeting w/a client and had to compose myself. Alright lunch meeting over, called Cheryl and she proceeded to tell me how beautiful Dakota is and we scheduled for me to go in on 5/17/2012 to try on the dress. Wish me luck, I will provide update and post pictures soon. I have been working out so much, I only pray that this dress zips/fits.

Update 5/17/2012: She's here!

Update 6/21/2012: My first fitting...would you believe I gained some weight since the dress arrived. I'm 30 days out, I'm going to have to cut out some things and start working out again. No room for error here.

Update 7/3/2012: First fitting, I purchased this sash from David's Bridal, more reasonable then where I purchased the dress. All of their sashes were $150 and up, the one I liked was $300 so a no go. I settled for this and added it to my alteration, I'm having them sew it on and to do the bustle, that's it. The seamstress just said that I shouldn't try to gain any weight. Next fitting is one week b4 the wedn, so I am doing my best...but w/all the things left to do, I might lose not gain.

Update 7/13/2012: 2nd fitting, one week b4 the wedn, we decided to add cups to the dress. I finally got a chance to try it on w/the veil. I ordered a plain ivory double tiered veil from for $34.99 plus shipping. I am a plain Jane and at this stage of the game way more money than I want to spend on a veil, so I decided not to spend $200 on a veil I would wear once in my life and instead wear a plain veil since my dress was already an eye catcher. And 20lbs later, the dress looks amazing, I could not even zip it on when I 1st tried it on, but by then I had already loss 13lbs, the last 7 did it. I ordered an 8, because although lose on top it gives me enough room in the thigh area to move around comfortably to dance and sit. 

 Update 7/17/2012: Last dress fitting today, the dress fit perfectly! I pick up on Thursday, this gives them enough time to steam it!

Update 8/4/12: Oh my gosh, loved my dress to pieces, but I ended up losing so much weight from 7/17 to the wedding date on 7/21/12 that the dress was practically falling of me on the top. It was so lose it was ridiculous, in most of my pictures I am seen holding the dress up under my arms too many times, this was can see it in the professional pictures. This was one of my dissapointments, I lost 2 much weight.

Udpate 12/8/2012: Wedding day, Dakota did not disappoint.

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Absolutely LOVE your dress!!!

Lovely!  The detail is amazing!

SO stunning!!!  I absolutely LOVE that you went with a lace dress and like I said on the boards - it looks like it was made just for YOU and you alone!!  You look SO beautiful girl - I'm SO happy for you!!  :D