Jun 01, 2012


Honeymoon Destination

So like many people we pictured our honeymoon to be somewhere amazing and like nothing we had ever done. We quickley concluded, however, that we didn't have the fund to pay for such a trip at the moment. That is when my FI decided that we should take a minimoon and save up the next several years for the big trip. This was ok with me- all I cared about was that I got to run away with my man and be alone with him after all the hustle and bustle of the wedding. I also had realized rather quickely that I didn't want to pay for some huge vacation and not leave the hotel room.....

For our mini-moon we found a little cottage within a few hours drive of his hometown (where the wedding will be) and where we currently are living. It is on 20 acres of private land with a little pond and trails all around it. It was all redone recently and looks fantastic! 

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Our big trip will occur in a few years around our anniversary. It really depends when the school I am teaching at gets done for the summer. We figured that this could be our big trip before we starting trying for a baby. And the destination is.....



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We want to take 2 weeks to travel around Ireland (pictured above), Scotland, and England. FI has always wanted to go here and part of my heritage is Irish. I have been obsessed with visiting there since I was a child. I cannot wait to walk the moores with my then DH and be swept away by the landscapes that inspired the works of our favorite authors. I really want to make it a point to visit Jane Austen's home town and I know that FI would love to see Oxford and the town that JR Tolkien grew up in (the place that inspired the shire). The whole trip we plan to stay in little B&B's which will make it even more fun and adventerous than just a hotel. I also would love to see the faerie pools of Scotland. I am in love with the pictures and cannot wait to see the breath-taking beauty. As a historian the whole concept of seeing the castles and all the artifacts gets me going pretty good. FI knows he may have to just sigh and let me go on my speels about what happened at a place. I am not sure if I will be able to contain myself!

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Faerie Pools in Scotland

Honeymoon Destination photo 9 Jane Austen's home in Hampshire



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Both will be beautiful I'm sure! That cottage is super romantic and slightly remote ;) perfect for a mini moon.