Jun 15, 2012


Unity Wine Ceremony

Unity Wine Ceremony photo 1


In lieu of a Sand or Candle ceremony, the FI and I decided to do a Unity Wine Ceremony.  We both love wine and figured it would just be appropirate, especially cause we are not having a traditional ceremony.  There are traditional elements to it, but we are def having different passages and wordings used.  I will be pouring the white and he will be pouring the red, both of which are our favorite.

This is what our Minister is saying and I just cannot wait!

"We shall now perform a Unity Wine ceremony. The wine sharing ceremony is a delightful ceremony embracing traditions that began well before the medieval period. Then, a bride and groom would celebrate their pledge to each other by drinking wine from a single cup — one blood, one family and one kin. The wine ceremony we will perform today was written for John and Donna and is a visual representation of the joining of these two very special people.


John and Donna these two glasses of wine represent your individual spirits, your individual connections with God, all that you are and, all that you have been, and all that you will become. This (glass/goblet/challis) in the center is your marriage. The place where you are forever blending your lives together. It represents the joining of 2 spirits, 2 lives, 2 souls. Now you will each take your glass and pour into the center goblet. (Bride and Groom each pour about ½ of your individual glasses into the center one) As you do so, keep in mind the pledge you made to each other today. It is the pledge of the truth and purity of your every breath, the constant friendship of your hearts. The passion of your spirits and the deepest love your souls have to give. It is the pledge of all that is within you, the only true pledge that one heart can offer to another. You are now as Husband and Wife offering yourselves, and all that has come to pass unto each other, towards the creation of your future, and to all that is yet to come. Now your two individual lives are combined, like the two wines.  You are choosing to blend your lives together and yet, you are still individuals, you remain yourselves. (couple drinks wine)."


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OMG!! I absolutely love this idea!

What an awesome idea!  I've never seen this before - sounds beautiful!