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Since we had a small budget we had problems finding an official photographer in our area that would do our pics for the whole day on less than 1000 bucks. We are also getting married in a really small town so there were not that many options. So then my mom had a brilliant idea. My cousin, who just graduated with a degree in graphic design also minored with photography. She has never taken any wedding pics but I love the work that she has done on other things. We gave her a call. At first she had wanted to do this for free but since she still was unemployed I wanted to give her something. In the end she decided to accept 500 bucks for the day. She is like a sister to me and had lived with me for four summers in a row after high school. I am excited to help her get a start to her career!

This is the list I have created based upon different lists compiled and my own unique tastes.

Getting Ready

  • Dress hanging on the wardrobe, on the bedpost, or over a chair
  • Bridesmaids doing bride's hair and makeup

o        Hair

o        All the Pearls on (closeup)

  • Meg and bridesmaids getting dressed, applying makeup
  • Mom helping bride with one last detail

o        Zipping the dress

o        Over the shoulder in the mirror shot

  • Full-length shot of Meg in gown in mirror
  • Detail of clothing, shoes, garter, and bouquet
  • Detailed pictures of bouquets of all the girls
  • Dad seeing Meg for the first time
  • Meg with siblings

o        One funny

o        One serious

o        One with brothers –one on each arm

  • Meg hugging MOH
  • Meg with girls
  • Meg with all the women important to her past (Girls, Mom, Grandma, Aunt Margie, Aunt Carol)
  • Meg Ready to Go
  • Nathan getting ready with Dad and pals (tying the tie is a classic)
  • Nathan with Collin

o        A funny

o        A serious

  • Nathan with Best man
  • Nathan  with all the guys
  • Nathan with all the men important to past (Boys, Dad, and Grandpa)
  • Boys putting on boutonnieres
  • Meg and Nathan chatting parents and siblings
  • Dad whispering last-minute advice to Nathan
  • Nathan ready to go
  • Random and candid shots you see as you go

Before the Ceremony (These will be done at three places: Nathan’s house, inside the church, outside the church in the mediation gardens) Talk to dad about a ladder for some upper shots or use the porch)

  • Nathan face seeing Meg for the first time
  • Meg and Nathan together

o   Silly

o   Serious

o   Kissing

  • Meg with parents
    • one with Nathan
    • Serious
    • Mom and dad kissing her on the cheeks
  • Meg with her entire immediate family
  • Nathan  with his parents
    • one with Meg too
  • Nathan with his entire immediate family
  • Meg and Nathan with all parents
  • Meg and Nathan  with immediate family members from both sides
  • Meg with Groom's mom
  • Nathan with Bride's dad
  • Meg and Nathan with Grandparents

o        Meg’s

o        Nathan’s

o        Aunt Margie

  • Meg with Jr. Bridesmaid
  • Meg and Nathan with Jr. Bridesmaid
  • Meg and Nathan  with groomsmen
    • Nathan with Groomsmen
    • Meg with Groomsmen
  • Meg and Nathan with Bridesmaids
    • Nathan with bridesmaids
    • Meg with Bridesmaids
  • Meg and Nathan with whole wedding party
  • Close up of the wedding bands- on the bible perhaps?? Or on a tree branch??
  • Exterior and interior of the church

o        Shot of kissing and the stained glass

  • Staged candle ceremony

The Ceremony

  • Guests streaming into the site
  • Cool artsy photos with all the candles involved :)
  • Ushers escorting guests to their seats
  • Ushers escorting moms to their seats
  • Close-up of Nathan's adorably nervous face waiting for it to start
  • Bridesmaids and groomsmen walking down the aisle
  • Wedding party waiting at the altar
  • Meg and Dad walking down the aisle
  • Close-up of Meg just before she makes her entrance
  • Meg and Nathan at the altar
  • Altar from the back during ceremony
  • Faces of Meg and Nathan as they exchange vows
  • Close-up of Meg’s and Nathan’s hands as they exchange rings
  • Megan and Nathan proceeding up the aisle, guests' smiling faces at their sides
  • Meg and Nathan outside ceremony site
  • Congrats shots: Meg and Nathan candidly as the receiving line is occurring

The Reception (We want her to have fun too so we have picked a handful of photos and starred them. These are the ones that we want to be sure and have but the rest we figure our other relatives will be getting good shots with. We have a lot of hobby photographers in the audience.)

  • Reception details such as place cards, guest book, centerpieces, decorations, table settings,
  • Dessert table/ food spread
  • Cake Table** (Nathan’s Aunt made that!!)
  • Meg and Nathan at head table
  • Guests' tables
  • Close-up of friends and family making toasts

o        MOH

o        BEST MAN

  • Meg and Nathan’s  parents whispering to each other during dinner
  • Meg and Nathan’s first dance (maybe with a slow shutter speed so the movement blurs the image a little)**
  • Parents dancing
  • Meg and Dad dancing**
  • Nathan and Mom dancing**
  • Grandparents dancing
  • Guests going nuts on the dance floor (again, slow shutter speed could be effective)
  • Meg and Nathan cutting the cake**
  • Meg and Nathan feeding each other cake
  • Bouquet toss (perhaps a vertical shot from in front of the bride)**
  • Garter Toss **
  • Winners of Garter Toss and Bouquet Toss**
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