Jun 06, 2009


hair inspiration

no clue what to do about hair but i'm leaning towards a half up half down (ish).. i love this girl's hair, but not sure if it would work with my headband?

hair inspiration photo 1

UPDATE: theprincessbride offered to Photoshop the headband on the bride's hair so I could see what it would look like and I love it! :D

hair inspiration photo 2

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WOW! thanks so much, that looks awesome! i'm definitely showing that to my hair stylist! :D

Tada! No worries, it only took a couple minutes. looks gorgeous!


thank you for the congratulations! The fact that you think our story is amazing is special to me and I appreciate that. :)

I'm loving the wedding plans you've come up with so far. I'm pretty adept at photoshop and I can put your headband on that hairstyle for you if you'd like. I think that so long as there wasn't elastic (like a wraparound) it would work. If there is elastic, you could always cut it off and attach the headband to a conventional plastic one or sew it to a fabric one to hold it in place. Otherwise it will pull all of your hair that's down, well, up! And that's not what you're going for ;)