Feb 09, 2013


Meet My Fiance...

 He Proposed.

 In my attempts to sit down and write about the beauty behind my fiance Edward, my word play, never fails to fall short of doing him any justice. He is by far the most geniuine, pure hearted individual I have ever met. And where he may have some imperfections, I've grown to love him even more. Everything that entails, how a good man should love a woman, he exhibits on an every day basis. & he loves me wholeheartedly like it's the easiest thing in the world. It was inevitable that I would fall so deep in love with him. & just like any strong woman would, I've stood by him, through it all.

 As if I wasn't already living my love story happily, he surprised me by getting down one knee and asking me to be his wife.



So here I am. Engaged and on my way to meeting My Fiance at the alter. Our Wedding is an event that will require my undivided attention, creativity, perfectionism and patience. What I hope to get, is a day that will reflect just how beautiful our love is.



                                             Me + My Fiance + Time = A Day Created with Love.

                                                                  February 9th 2013

                            It's the anniversary of the day we met. The day our Happily Ever After Began. 

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:) wonderful introduction! :) You are a beautiful couple!

You guys are gorgeous!

Beautiful couple and I love your introduction.