Sep 22, 2012


Keys To Success

I wanted something different in regards to a guest book.  After much thinking and Internet searching I came up with the idea, 

"Keys To Success" 

I searched and searched the Internet for keys.  I went to yard sales, flea markets, key supply stores.  You name I was there in my quest to find a key. I bought a key shape mold and I bought clay.  I thought I would make the keys I needed.  I tried 1 key and that was enough to kill that idea.  

One night at work, I was searching E-bay and I came upon a listing for little keys that would work. They were dirt cheap and sold in lots of 20 with free shipping.  I ordered 9 bags (now wishing for 10 or 11).  They arrived last week and I've already spray painted them.  I love how they turned out.  The original colour was a brassy colour and I wasn't completely sold on them or in love with them.  Nothing that a little spray paint wont fix.  

Keys To Success photo 1

The keys will be attached to this tag made by Halsey.  

 Keys To Success photo 2

This is one of the elements of the wedding that I'm really excited about. I think it is going to look so sweet and be such a different idea.  


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such a cute idea! what will you do with them after?