Jul 06, 2013


Engagement Party Location- Finally!

Engagement Party Location Finally photo 1

So after a few stressful weeks of engagement party planning. Its all finally solved and we are making the invitations tonight! It was good way to get me prepared for the wedding planning actually. You realize how fast numbers can go, what is realistic when it comes to guests and budget, and that something that you fall in love with might not be what it is all worked up to be. For example I went to a venue which was a castle and I was IN LOVE WITH IT! My fiance thought it was perfect! Unfortunately the people working for the venue and caterers treated us horribly and I was left heart broken! Then it happened.... We go and eat in Yorkville in Toronto quite a bit... this restaurant that we love has a private room and will fit our 30 guests. The restaurant is called Remy's!! The prices are great and the people that work there are amazing. Not to mention the food and drinks are fabulous!

It will be cocktail style starting for 7:00 p.m. until whenever everyone wants to head out... which i think will be pretty late! It just goes to show you.... things through out this adventure of wedding planning will get tough but there is always light at the end of the tunnel :)

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Woohoo! Love it!

Love the location.