Jul 06, 2013


The Kleinfeld's Experience

The Kleinfeld s Experience photo 1

Well hello there everyone!

I am extra excited today because I booked my appointment at Kleinfeld's for July 7th! I cannot wait to have the ultimate say yes to the dress experience. My mom actually is designing my dress which I am very excited and honored about! We are going there to see if possibly I fall in love with something (but I have my heart set on my momma) and try on different styles, fits and colours!

It is the NYC trip for me, my mom (who lives there half the time), my fiancee's mom, my maid of honor Amanda and bridemaid Jenni! It is going to be a great time and secretly I am hoping to run into Randy from the show Shhhh!!!!!

Also my bridemaids are going to look at dresses for themselves there, and I will be picking up my Cinderella shoes whichever Louboutins they may be!

I love being a bride to be and it gets better each and everyday!

The Kleinfeld s Experience photo 2


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You must take as many photographs as possible!

Oh wow, gorgeous! My mouth is drooling! GOOD LUCK!!! :)

Wow, that looks amazing! I can only dream of ever shopping there!