May 25, 2012


Wedding RECAP!!

Wut it do girlz!  I sure do miss the boards!  We just got back from Mexico yesterday so now it's back to the real world:(

Ok I’m no AW so I will try to make this short not too long:).  Our wedding week started off rough!  Monday FI my husband was in the ER all day.  I was literally freakin out thinkin he was gonna have to be admitted and we would miss our flight to TX the next day and not be able to get married….YIKES! But…the devil is a LIE!  God is good so they released him the same day along with a lot of meds.  Tuesday we flew into DFW with all our luggage and wedding stuff in tow.  I got lots of congrats from people that noticed I was carrying my wedding gown on my arm.  Sure…I could’ve shipped her ahead of time but I did NOT want to let her outta my sight lol.

Wednesday-Went to get my hair done first thing that
morning.  I absolutely loved how it turned out.  I didn’t know this chic from
adam or eve so I went in blind sighted. All I had to go by was the pictures from her website before I booked the appointment.  Next stop was the courthouse for our marriage license….woohoo!

Wut it do girlz photo 3360727-1

Thursday-Rehearsal Day.
This was so much fun!  Just having the crew all together and watching everyone practice just added to the anticipation!  As you’ll notice, we are
lopsided.  We had TWO groomsmen drop out the week of the wedding.  Talk about BS!  But as I said, the devil is a LIE and we were not gonna let nothing like that deter us from our happiness.  God works in mysterious ways and he is always on time!  FI’s My husband’s half brother ended up stepping in so that helped out a lot. Thursday night my mom and sister surpised me with a lingerie party which I came in pretty handy for the honeymoon....ooooh la la LOL!

Wut it do girlz photo 3360727-2 Me and my bridesmaids Lingerie Party

Wut it do girlz photo 3360727-3 Um...happy?  LOL

Wut it do girlz photo 3360727-4 Me and My Hubby @ Rehearsal...Peep his shirt

Wut it do girlz photo 3360727-5 The crew @ rehersal

Friday-Wedding Day-Ya know….I really can’t recap much on the
wedding day because it went by so freakin fast man!!  I remember being really excited and anxious.  Everything flowed like clockwork according to the tedious timeline I made hahahahahaha….the florist arrived at 3pm on time.  The makeup artist was working like an assembly line for all the bridesmaids then my mom/me/daughter.

Wut it do girlz photo 3360727-6 Me and the DIVAs

Pre Ceremony-I got dressed and we did a first look about 6PM.  I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT REGRET THIS ONE BIT!!!  I thought I would because our ceremony started so late and I knew FI my husband didn’t want to do one but even HE is so glad that we did!  We got some awesome shots at our first look location.

Wut it do girlz photo 3360727-7 Me sneaking up on he didn't obviously know it was me coming up behind him LOL

Wut it do girlz photo 3360727-8 Us checking each other out!

Wut it do girlz photo 3360727-9 Him being his

Wut it do girlz photo 3360727-10 Us on the lake

Wut it do girlz photo 3360727-11Us and wedding party

To Be Contd..

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Ceremony-Our ceremony began at 9:30PM right on time.  I was behind the scene waiting to make my grand entrance with my paw paw and I heard the crowd burst out into laughter.  I said to my grandpa, my fiance must be walking in LOL…Yes my husband did his own processional to puff daddy’s bad boy 4 life so you can probably imagine how that went.  I can’t wait to see the video because I missed it!  When it was time for the vows, my husband read his first.  It was sooooo touching.  He couldn’t make it through them for tears and getting choked up though.  He kept stopping talking bout “gosh it sure is dusty in here and it’s getting in my eyes” to take the pressure off him getting choked up.  It was funny:).  I read my vows to him like a soldier! LOL…I didn’t cry one bit because I wanted to be clear and make sure he knew that I meant every last word.  We exchanged rings then I got thrown for a loop.  My FI husband added in a mini proposal to my 10 year old daughter as part of the ceremony.  He brought her a necklace and made a vow to her that he would never try to replace her real dad (who was also present at the wedding) but that he’ll always be there for her as her stepdad. He probably said more than that but at that point I was a crying ball of tears!!  I was crying like I had just got a whippin lol…I wasn’t expecting that AT ALL! So much for being a soldier!  Nobody sent me pics of this yet and I think it's because their wasn't a dry eye in the chapel!  I shoulda made those tears of joy packets you girls are always talking about lol!

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-1 Me and my paw-paw:)

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-2

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-3Photographer was right on POINT!  She caught him wiping his eyes as I was walking down the aisle. 

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-4 Candle lit ceremony

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-5 Exchanging rings

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-6 Me, my daughter and Husband getting ready to jump broom as symbol of blended family unit


Reception-Now this was the highlight of the wedding for me.  We surprised our guests with a second line brass band introduction starting with our wedding party.  My husband’s family is from fort worth, TX so they had no clue what to do but quickly got with the program once they saw my side of the family getting down to the introduction.  The reception events went by SO FREAKIN FAST!!!  We prayed/blessed the food, ate, danced, garter toss (which my husband put on a show at…..can’t wait to see
it!!!!!!!!!!!!), bouquet toss….it all was a big whirlwind!  Before I knew it… it was time to change into my reception dress.  Now this I definitely do NOT regret. I was Sooooooooooooooooooooo hot in my gown from all that dancing and adrenaline!!!  IT took me a long time to cool off before I put my reception dress on!!  I think if I could go back, I woulda changed outta that gown before we even hit the reception!  We second line danced to the brass band all the way out the reception/ballroom.  What
a fun night!!


Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-7 Intro of Mr&Mrs!!

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-8 Second line dancing after our introduction

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-1 Hubby's Garter Dance lol

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-2


Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-9 DIY Street signs/menus

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-10 My Cake and Cake sign (I forgot the flowers on the much was going on I completely forgot!!)

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-11 gettin down to the "wobble"..look at my husbands face lol

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-12 second line dancing at the end of reception

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-13 back at the hotel room...completely EXHAUSTED!!  Whew what a night!

I have the most awesome photographer!  She had sneak peeks ready for us the next morning and our wedding ended at 1am! How cool is that!!!

PS-for our honeymoon we went to Playa Mujeres, Mexico (right
outside of Cancun) and stayed at the Excellence Playa Mujeres Resort (An All
Inclusive).  It was the freakin bomb yall!  We did a honeymoon photo session while we were there and I absolutely love these pics too!

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-14

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-15

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-16

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-17

Ceremony Our ceremony began photo 3360728-18


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You revamped this since last I commented and I LOVE ALL THE UPDATES!!! What a stunning wedding and your honeymoon photoshoot pictures are fantastic! You look like a super model!!! 

Oh my goodness! What a fantastic recap!!! Stunning wedding!

Sounds like a *perfect* wedding day!! I absolutely love you and your groom - you can tell how in love you both are and how FUN you are too!! :) Congrats Mrs - you had a gorgeous wedding!

LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!  How the heck did I miss all these photos?!!  Where was I?!!  What was I doing back then?!!  Somebody slap me!  LOL

LOVE this photo, by the way!