Jul 06, 2013


Engagement Photo's <3

Engagement Photo s 3 photo 1

SOOOOO WE FINALLY GOT OUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS DONE MONDAY YAY! We did them in downtown Toronto and a our very talented friend Dimitri Sarantis did all of the photographs! We have no seen them all these two are just a teaser, but we have fallen in love with them!

We were really uncomfortable at first just because we had never taken professional photos before but it turned out perfectly. Just the fact of looking at eachother with smiles made us feel so much more comfortable!

It rained that evening... and not a little bit but it goes to show you that if you are going to make a bad situation worse then thats what it will become. If you chose to make a non ideal situation into a better one and know that your both in it together it makes the experience everything you hoped and more!

Love him forever and Always <3

Engagement Photo s 3 photo 2

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Beautiful photos!

Those look wonderful!

Your pics turned out GREAT! And that purple dress is to die for :))))

Love both of these pictures!