Sep 14, 2013


Little Ditty 'Bout....

When I met Scott (aka Beard) it was about 2 years after my last serious relationship, and though I wanted another relationship, I definitely wanted to ease into it. We dated off and on for a couple of months until we started to see each other exclusively. I had brought him to my brother's highschool graduation & to meet my parents when I fell ill (nothing serious). So, it being a weekend, I made my way to our little hospital. I had been waiting for far FAR too long, ready to leave when the Doctor finally walked in and said, "So, I assume you know you're pregnant."


...Nope. I sure didn't.


My birth control had failed because I had been on anti-biotics for strept throat. So, that being said, our lives have basically been a mirror to the movie "Knocked Up". We decided to still take things slow, just because we were having a baby together, if one of us really despised the other, we would break-up before it affected our child.

Well, that obviously didn't happen! In the time that we have been together I have never laughed so much and felt so loved. We have welcomed two beautiful daughters & so many amazing memories.

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What a beautiful story! :D I am so excited to see your wedding come together!

Really glad that it worked out for happy wedding planning on PW!

ahhh!!! sooo glad im not the only one on here who has "knocked up"-syndrom too! haha. cheers to us for beating the odds and having it actually work out beautifully!! :)