Jun 23, 2012



As many Brides before me have done - I sit here thinking, "Wow...it's already time for my sign off? Where the heck do I begin?" I want to start off by saying each and every one of you are a part of our wedding. Each of you are my bridesmaids standing up with me on Saturday. You are special, unique, and creative in your own ways and I am grateful for you and for this community. 

When Dan and I first got engaged (4 years ago!!!) - I bought a few magazines and started browsing but I knew that we wouldn't have a wedding right away. When we finally had an idea of when this wedding would take place, I started researching and googling my heart away. I became addicted to giveaways and entering contests which is how I found PW. It wasn't until a couple months later that I actually found the forums. When and how my lurking morphed into a site that I open up first thing in the morning with my email followed by multiple visits during the day, I'm not sure but I'm happy it did. 

You've heard me vent and picked me up when I was down, you cheered me on when I showed you my purchases and DIY projects, and you applauded me when I shared happy news and AW posts. You all are amazing and my own personal cheerleaders. I can't put into words my gratitude for all of that as well as the plethora of inspiration and creativity on here. Our wedding would never be what it's going to be if it hadn't been for the amazing people on P-DUB.

So with 3 days to go, my last day at work (and not wanting to be here lol), I bid you all adieu. See you all on the flipside my lovelies!


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