May 26, 2012



I thought I would start my bio by a little introduction on this wedding...

It may look like a lot of wedding...But from where I come from it's pretty unusual to do things that way (matching BM, outside ceremony). I had to fight a bit with some people to make them accept our way of doing things...

I must thank you all of you ladies cause thanks to you I planned this magical wedding!All the guests loved it and they said that it was "magical", that you "could feel the love" , a lot of people cried during the ceremony or had tears in their eyes ...

And all of that is thanks to you! You've been a source of inspiration, a big big support and also a place to get always honest comment and help!


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I'm so happy that you had your dream day and that you were able to find so much support on PW. Its amazing. i dont know how people planned before it lol

I'm so glad that your wedding turned out so beautifully and that your guests were able to appreciate it, too.