Jul 13, 2013


How he proposed

George and I met 2 years ago by common friends. We hit it off right from the beginning and we moved together after 2-3 months and we are since living together.

He is a wonderful person and has a great sense of humor and he is full of surprises.

As was the way he proposed. I mean I knew it was coming, but I never expected something like this. He had a friend invite me to a “renaissance garden exhibition” aw he said. So wen me and my friend arrived at the garden, I saw people dressed with renaissance costumes. I just thought it was part of the hole exhibition, but when we got closer, the dressed people “attacked”  me and forcefully put me in a similar dress as I shockingly realized that there were MY FRIENDS! “ OMG  what is happening?? OMG I don’t believe it” I kept repeating as I started to realize what was about to happen and I couldn’t stop giggling.

And yes Ladies and Gentlemen, my prince came on a (not so white) horse.

When I asked him: “How did you came up with that?” he said: “well I thought that every little girl dreams to be a princess, so I thought to try make you feel like one”

I never was a princes type of girl but he is so sweet for doing that!

He had a photographer cache the moment  -thank God, because I was so shocked that I didn’t remember all the details..


We’ve just finished renovating our home and now it’s time for wedding planning!

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Wow!!Some men can really be creative!

now that's a story for the movies! :) Congrats. 

That is so sweet. How creative