Jan 19, 2013

I love Jesus and my Husband soooooooooooooo much.


i absolutely love this dress for the junior bridesmaid

Tweens photo 1

it's going to be in brown and they will wear gold shoes.

i have to change the dress since i think its too expensive for my junior bridesmaid so i decided to go with this

 tell me what you think.  i know its not as nice as the first but i'm tired of looking now.

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thanks !

I love the second dress and thinks it is just as lovely. Very appropriate for them as well! It will be perfect for your junior bridesmaids. You have great taste!

I love the cheaper dress :) With all my heart!!! :) I love the fabric!!! I think your juniors will enjoy wearing it !

I think the second dress looks just as nice as the first I love the colors, see what it would look like with an orange sash instead of brown