Jul 21, 2012


Gifts 4 My Crew - Check!

Decided to try to make this simple.

For FI, I'm getting him a Trek bike similar to mine but a little different and newer model so that he can enjoy my passion for riding and so we can ride together. He's been saying he was going to get a bike, but its been forever, this is my gift to him and it will so be appreciated. See

I'm thinking of the Livestrong FX, it's a good fitness and city bike, it's great for Sunday rides and for fitness freaks like us. For some reason photo is dark, but click on to read more about it.

Gifts 4 My Crew Check photo 1

Also, here is a picture of me enjoying a recent ride w/Miami Critical Mass on Friday, 8/31/12, 18 miles!

FI is buying his groomsmen some nice dress shoes for the wedn, this is their gift. I'm not sure which shoe but this is what he has decided.

I'm getting the groomsmen, his dad, my brother in laws and FI (Irish Cotton White) hankerchiefs from I got everyone's initials engraved along w/the wedding date. His dad's says Father of the Groom.

Gifts 4 My Crew Check photo 2

I'm also getting MOB, MOG, my daughter, sisters, 2 cousins, SIL's and BM's lace hankerchiefs (Regal Lace) from, I plan to get every1s names spelled out with our wedn date on them, but not for the guys. I also engraved them and also got the mothers a pink short sleeve shirt and ironed the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom for them to wear the day after the wedding, it was a cute idea!

Gifts 4 My Crew Check photo 3

I also purchased this black crystal compact mirror for my BM's at ABC Glass, Inc., I plan to get their names engraved on it. I can't wait for it to come in. I plan to get them something else however, with these two ladies who have access to everything its kind of hard, and I don't want to just get them anything...their both so different one a traveler, owner of many businesses/entrepreneur and she is single and the other is a home body, single, controller at job and a wonderful mother, so my thought process on what's important to them is so I'm thinking. Any suggestions, let me know?.... August 3, 2012: I finally ended up returning the Ted Baker wallet I purchased for them at Bloomingdale's because I didn't think it would have meaning to them or if they would like so I ended up giving them each a $100 gift certificate to Macy's which they loved!

Gifts 4 My Crew Check photo 4 

For the parents, I'm thinking about a mini cruise to the Bahamas for my mom and both his parents, a nice little break for them....maybe they can even go together or we can go with them. I also got my mom and daughter their traditional Nigerian attire which is being made. 8/3/12: I ended up just giving his folks the hankerchiefs it got so busy that we couldn't do much.....FI then, husband now (LOL!, hard to say husband I keep calling him by his name) just wants to help his folks pay off their house so he didn't plan on giving them anything but I'm taking my mom on a cruise to say thank you by the end of the year. I also purchased my daughter a nice bag that she was eyeing as a thank you gift for all of her help with the wedding.  The hankerchiefs were a real hit, everyone loved them and even more so that they were engraved w/their names, definitely a good idea if your looking for one.

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These are such great gifts! My DH just bought a Trek bike a few months ago and did his first triathlon last weekend. LOVES IT! 

I got the men in our family handkerchiefs and my DH gave his GMs ivory Chuck Taylors for their gifts. Great minds think alike! :-)

The ladies have gotten their shoes allbyfaith, but this was a good suggestion, I offered to pay their evening at the hotel the night of the wedn which they are both good with. Thx!

Have your ladies gotten their shoes for the big day. Maybe you can purchase those or pay for their make-up for the day of, gift card for a massage they might both need a day of relaxation?