May 04, 2012

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Did I Mention the HOLE in my DRESS!

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I had completely forgotten until today. As you may know I paid only 15 bucks for my wedding dress. Little did I know that it had a HUGE hole in the back like right on my crack, lol.  I did not notice this until the MORNING OF MY WEDDING, lucky for me, I know.

 So on the day that I had soooo many other things to do, I also had to play seamtress and sew my own freaking dress, talk about stress! And on top of that, I had to use WHITE thread, MY DRESS IS BROWN!!! LOL, sorry for yelling, but dude, I almost lost it. Luckily, I'm pretty good with a needle and thread so no one saw or noticed a thing. Potential disaster, averted.    :^))))

Did I Mention the HOLE in my DRESS photo 1 


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AND it turned out beautifully!!!  :D

These are the crazy things that make us remember the day!

Oh wow! Would have never known had you not said anything! I got mud or oil on the bottom of my dress. My stepson sewed an applique on top of it. 

Oh no! Atleast you found it and no one noticed!