Jun 23, 2012



Thurs (6/21) was relaxing. I had breakfast with FI DH (YAY!) I had a hair appt to touch up my highlights and perform a minor trim and we celebrated one of Dan's lil Cousin's Birthday that evening. I went home to finish the last of my projects that I didn't get done. *Tip for Brides: Get these done before OOT guests arrive. You'll get wrapped up in the excitment and then you'll be up until 2 am finishing them! LOL*

Fri (6/22) was go, go, go! Mani's and Pedi's and 10 am with the one BM that could join me - which was so relaxing and pampering before the chaos started. From there I picked up my wedding dress from the seamstress and headed to the hotel where we would be getting ready. I requested an early check-in so that I could hang my dress up but my room wasn't ready. The girls at registration said the wait might be 30 minutes. So they handed me some water and asked me to wait. 5 minutes later they come get me and tell me they were upgrading me to a suite!!! Great service and friendly staff at the Courtyard San Mateo Foster City! 

Once my dress was hung in my room, I then picked up the chair covers and sashes. Grabbed my helpers and headed to the reception venue. This took the longest and I should have alloted more time to get this done. We had to fight Friday rush hour traffic getting back home for the rehearsal and RD. But they can't start any of that w/o the Bride right? So I dashed home (5 min away from In Laws house) to grab my dress and rehearsal items.

***Tip for Brides: If you are doing any kind of set up/decorations the day before and your rehearsal/RD is that evening. Allow enough time and allow for some padding. I thought I had enough padding but I was wrong. Dinner should have been set for 6 and the rehearsal for 5.***

The Rehearsal went smoothly, we only ran through it once. And the Dinner was amazing! MIL and FIL really went above and beyond. It was amazing! (pix to follow!)

Sierra and I went back to my house so I could pack up everything I needed, went back to the hotel, showered, and went to bed around 11pm.

*Sat (6/23)*Wedding Day

Woke up via my wake up call and a text from my hair/mua asking if we wanted Starbucks! Marina set my hair then I got to relax and eat. Then it was a rotation between me and my BM's getting glamorfied! The photographers and videographers showed up together (early) and it felt like the paparazzi! Plus our videographer brought an extra cameraman! BONUS! My Mom, Gma, and Nephew (RB) showed up with the flowers. I got choked up for the first time when I saw my Mom and then she handed me a hankerchief that belonged to my late Great Grandma for me to carry that day.

First Look: I'd do it again! I was so relaxed and calm the whole morning. The only time I got nervous was during my individual dedication on video to my DH. I snuck up on Dan and tapped him on the shoulder and said, "HI" and he said HI back. Then he turned around and smiled at me. We hugged and kissed and started talking and laughing like no one else was around. He looked so handsome. One thing I didn't expect: our wedding party was there during the first look but their faces when they saw me was priceless.

Once we were done with photos we went back to our room to eat a snack and were ahead of schedule! We left the hotel for the ceremony and got there early! I had to wait like a mobster in the back of my sister's car until it was time to get out. LOL

Ceremony starts, I'm still calm all the way through my walk to the aisle. I actually had to tell myself to slow down becuase I felt like I was pulling on my parents! I guess I was anxious to get to the alter to my DH! LOL I got choked up when I saw Kari (BM) teary eyed at the end of the aisle. And again during my vows to Dan. 

There were a few hiccups at the reception (apps weren't served on time, my dress didn't get bustled right, and the venue didn't put a plate and forks out for us during the cake cutting not to mention our cake cutting knife broke!) but all in all, the reception flowed nicely and I was glad to get some (sort-of) one on one time in with my Hubby. I got choked up again during our first dance and again when I hugged my Dad after our dance. I tripped all over my train during our dance but everyone loved our waltz! I can't wait to see the video...I got to twirl! :) I cried during DH's and MIL's dance. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. I also cried and laughed during the speeches made by BM and MOH. They were perfect and amazing. 

We tore up the dance floor until they kicked us out! I'm still on a cloud 9 high. I smile when I'm referred to as Mrs. Albert. Aside from the very minor hiccups, THE. DAY. WAS. PERFECT. I mean it, it was everything I hoped, planned, and dreamed for and more! And to be honest, I think I made sure to take it all in so much so that the day didn't feel like it went by in a blur. I felt the day was in slow motion. Am I weird? Don't answer that LOL

It's an amazing feeling to be overwhelmed by the love and support shown and given by family friends on such a special day. I loved every minute of it and I wish I could do it all over again. 

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