Jun 23, 2012


♥Pros; Details♥

Sign I made for my room where we were getting ready. 

Sweater with my new name that Nikki helped me with creating! Thank you Nikki!

My Somethings. Something old, borrowed, blue: 56 year old garter (that day) that was my Grandma's. Something new: My brand new wedding day perfume. Something borrowed: Earrings worn by my bf and BM on her Nov wedding day. Something blue: Shoes. Something new: My hair clip

The garter mentioned earlier. This was worn my Grandmother on her wedding day; June 23, 1956

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Ahhh love it, you're welcome. How cool that I got to be a part of your wedding!

How sweet is that? You got married on the same date as your grandmother AND wore her garter? Awesome. 

I have tears in my eyes. . .I love details and these pictures are just detailed oriented! I loved all of them! Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful!! I love all the details - and your grandmother's garter = amazing!