Jun 23, 2012


♥Pros; First Look♥

I thought I would get so emotional at this point. This was the best thing we did on our wedding day. I was feeling so excited and anxious to see him and him to see me. I felt like I stood there behind him forever. But finally I got to sneak up behind him, touch him, hug him, and kiss him! ♥

At this point he told me I looked beautiful and he loved my dress. ♥ I wanted to melt.

Haha this is typical us. So playful and goofy. I loved that the photog captured this. 

Another 'us' moment captured. I actually thought the photog was adjusting settings on his camera when he was actually catching us in a moment. I love this. 

(2) Comments

Oh jeez these are spectacular! I love the one with you peeking over his shoulder just before he was about to see you for the first time! And you better wear them shoes girl!!!!

I got goosebumps looking at the first few pictures!! <3 You are such a gorgeous bride!