Jun 23, 2012


♥Pros; Reception♥

Details at the reception venue

Parents and Wedding Party entrances

Introducing the new Mr. & Mrs. Albert! ♥

First dance as Husband and Wife ♥

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance


The best speeches ever. Seriously. Both speeches made us both laugh and made me cry. They were from the heart and it was an honor to hear how much love was in them.

Cake Cutting!

After cake cutting we had some toasts.

Dan's Dad Al who was also our officiant made a toast to everyone and raised his glass telling us he loved us both and that's been a joy watching us through the past years. He's not an outwardly affectionate guy so this was extremely touching. 

Toast from the new Mr. and Mrs. - Dan thanked everyone for coming and for supporting us,  loving us and for celebrating with us.

After Dan was done, I took over the mic to present my bouquet to my Grandparents to honor them and their marriage/anniversary. Which they followed with a dance to their song from their wedding.

One of my must have shots was a 3 generational ring photo with my Mom and my Grandma

Bouquet Toss!

Dan's Cousin Alora from CT caught it.

Garter Toss!

Dan's HS friend Mark, who flew out from Colorado, caught the garter.

The next couple in Dan's family getting married July 2013!

Me with my Nephew who I love to pieces

Dan's brother Alex and his GF Nicole signing our guest book

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Wow! I am just speechless! You had a wonderful reception and I FREAKING LOVE THAT CAKE!!!!!

Gorgeous pics!!!  Drooling over here!

Looks like such a fun reception!! I could look at your pros all day!! Such a beautiful wedding!