May 26, 2012


~the wedding in a summary~

We've chosen one main color for our outfits,the ceremony and cocktail : PINK!! We both like this color (ok I love it) and we thought it would be nice :)

And also I've always had a dream : to have a big pink bow at the back of my dress...

So here is the reality!

the wedding in a summary photo 1the wedding in a summary photo 2

Since everyone knew we would have a pink wedding we wanted to suprise them with 2 added colors for the reception... and we've chose : Blue and Green

And together it was really nice :

the wedding in a summary photo 3

since we are still 2 big kids we decided that the theme would be candies ... We tried to keep the idea and the colors but also to do a chic candy theme...And all the guests loved it!


I did a lot of DIY cause I love it you can see them (not all) in the rest of my bio!

Enjoy your visit on my bio!!

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Elocha, I dont how I'm just seeing this a week to my wedding. I wish i had seen this much earlier. Your bio is an inspiration board on its own. And your gown? WOW!

Such fun colors and I love your theme.

thanks ladies!!!!

It was such a pleasure seeing all of these things come together for your wedding, and it looks like the end result was even more beautiful!  And congrats on BOTW!!