Jun 02, 2013


Still not married!

It feels like ages but we're still not married yet. Which gives me more time to plan, right? (Please agree!)

Loverboy got a weird sickness - although now we're wondering if the diagnosis is right as nothing seems to help it, so we're trying to wait until he gets better....or at least somewhat better.


The Good Things

- Loverboy watched a show (uh, Hotel Impossible to be precise) and has decided his dream is to marry me in the favorite place he lived: La Jolla. (Not so sure we'll choose the hotel from the show though.)

      - This means he is WAY more actively involved in planning. (This might not end up being so great hahaha)

- More time to finish DIYs - yay! Especially as there's so much I want to do myself.

- One of my gal pals just moved to LA so I have someone to assist in DIYs!

- What represents us has developed more - It's way easier to know what truly defines who we are together.

- Did I mention more time to do DIYS? Because that was seriously stressing me out before, and is way more relieving now.



The Not-So-Good

- We're still not married. 

- Everyone keeps asking us when we're getting married. Chill out peeps! 

- I have more time to spend on Pinterest finding new DIYs/new things that would be oh-so-perfect for us

- He now wants to get married in one of the priciest places of LA. Ack!

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