Apr 19, 2013


DIY's Made So Far


This was trial one of my garter, I'm waiting on the blue lace ribbon I ordered now so I can do trial 2.

DIY s Made So Far photo 1

DIY s Made So Far photo 2

Pompadour Balls

This is one of the 8 pompadour balls I've made. I have burlap ribbon to replace with the white ribbon but its not going ton until closer to the day because i don't want it to fray.

DIY s Made So Far photo 3

Table Runners

With or With out the twine What do you think?


I will be adding yellow craspedia to all the centerpieces as well.

I can't decide if i want to wrap the boxes in twine like in the second photo.

Ceremony Signs

(3) Comments

Great job!!! The pompadour balls look great!!!

Great job! Wow. I really love the pompadour balls! Where were you for my wedding day? 

GREAT job. the garter is beautiful and pomadorts turned out great.