Oct 20, 2012


My "Not So Blue" Blue Shoes

So, for as long as I can remember I wanted my "something blue" to be my wedding shoes. I searched for months trying to find the right color and style and I could never find anything that I liked. I finally came across endless.com and found these babies! Granted, they are teal...not quite blue. I loved them though! I loved the style and I liked the shade since it wasn't a pale or dark blue. Plus, for the price they couldn't be beat! I ordered them and got excited when I got them in the mail. I tried them on right away, and FI made the comment..."They look kinda green". Never make comments that could set off a bride into panic mode because that's exactly what he did. I started freaking out that people would see my shoes and think, "Why is she wearing green shoes?" Especially since there are absolutely no elements of green at all in our wedding. I talked to some friends and showed them the shoes, as well as asked my fellow PW ladies for their opinions. I feel reassured now, and I'm totally going to rock my shoes. I will have my "something teal" instead.

My Not So Blue Blue Shoes photo 1

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