Apr 16, 2016

This is going to be AWESOME!!!


OH HOW I LOVE THEE photo 1I will start off by saying planning my wedding without my mother is the hardest thing I have ever done. I want our story to be known because she is an amazing woman!! When I was six weeks old my biological mother (who is also white) abandoned me because she couldn't deal with raising a black child. My MOTHER, who found me, took me in without any questions and raised me as her own. She gave me the world. Never once making me feel as if I didn't belong to her. I watched her take a lot of lip from people for having a black child but she would cuss you out for talking about her baby :). I had to lay my mother to rest while planning our wedding, which caused a delay. I am dealing with it better now and have started back planning. I want to think of a way to show my love for her during the wedding but I don't want it to be a sad occasion. She wouldn't want that....I LOVE YOU MOMDUKES!!

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Sorry for your loss, what a wonderful mother you have and a beautiful blessing.  I lost my father last year and I too want to include him in our big day. I have a pendent charm with a picture of he and I that I will attach to my bouquet.  We're also having a memorial table with a candle and pictures of loved ones that will be at the alter during our ceremony.  

I'm sorry for your lost!! I'm sure she is by your side with every choice you make.

I'm so sorry you're having to go through this without your mom. I think she would definitely want a joyous occasion! And I'm sure the pW ladies can help you find a way to incporporate your mom in a cheerful way <3