Feb 09, 2013


My DIY SO Last Min Beach Wedding

I'm Kristina. 27 and getting hitched on Feb 9th 2013! Its a DIY affair and to say im on a bugdet is an understatement. But im a firm believer in the fact that you dont have to spend a milli to ave a nice classy wedding. You CAN do it on a fir, budget. And we shall see! I met my guy, fell and now we want to make it offical. I always put time limits on love but this relationship has proved to me that when you know you most defininetly know. We have only been together a year and i have never been more certain about something in my life. This is the most effortless and fun relationship i have been in. I have never met someone more compatable. He's from Jamaica and his values are different. Some of them you cant buy from a man in America! So in Feb i am becoming Mrs.Smith and never been happier.There was no big proposal. He just simply said i think we should get married, we are both of age and ready for a family and kids. We picked out rings and here we are! I hope i can look back at project wedding and see what i accomplished in such short time and how enjoyable and hectic this experience was! Wish me luck!!!!  

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I'm with you on the "you can't put time limits on love" -- when you know you just know! Congratulations on finding your mr. perfect!

Cheers to new friends!! Youre almost there!!

I hear you on the "time limits"! I also thought I would be in a relationship/know someone much longer before I got engaged. DH and I were engaged one year after we met and started dating ;-) LOVE how that works out sometimes! :-) 

Aw, what a sweet story - when you know, you know! Congrats and happy planning!!