Feb 09, 2013


The Venue

I cant decide on a venue. One is just perfect but a little pricy. Celebration Place is just what i want but on a budget. $650 on a Saturday 8hrs and $100 for a bartender if you want liquor!! Cray!!  Peninsula Club is much more affordable but doesnt have good reviews. Only $50 per hr min 4 hrs. 

This is Celebration Place In Ormond they provide EVERYTING 

The Venue photo 1


This is Peninsula 

The Venue photo 2

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I really like the second one nice choice!

I decided on the second one. It was much better in price and much bigger. They were much more accomidating. This space has a full reasturant style kitchen. Seperate room for food and a seperate bar plus PA system. Chairs and tables provide. Im very happy with my choice!

Ditto Jess, what did you decide? Sometimes it's a little better to splurge if they will take care of everything. If the other place has bad reviews...something could go wrong :( Keep us updated!

Both look lovely, and GREAT for the cost. Which did you decide??