Sep 02, 2012


Our Ceremony, the end

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The Blessing Tree: Front row of guests are invited to come up and affix a 'blessing' to the tree. Actually, it need not be a 'blessing,' it could be poetry, a personal note, a religious passage, a quotation etc.

Having affixed their 'blessings' to the tree, the guests embrace the bride and groom. The couple then proceeds to give each one a rose.

[During the reception, every guest has a card with its attached loop string at their place setting. Throughout the evening, the guests will compose their own notes to the couple and attach them to the tree. By the evenings' end their will be dozens of these notes on the branches of the tree, all of which will go into the wedding photo album alongside the photos of those who wrote them.]

 Closing words: Now as we bring this very special time to a close, I would like to share with Ashley and Jesse a blessing of my own:

“May you have many joys, and be the light of each other’s days. May all that you are, always be in love; and may all that is love, always be in you. May you always see and encourage the best in each other. May the challenges that life brings your way make your marriage grow stronger. May you always be each other’s best friend and greatest love.

You have chosen to live your lives together as husband and wife. All of us have listened today as you have made your vows to each other; now, by the power vested in me by the State of Michigan, I pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss your bride!

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me distinct pleasure to present you:

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Steven Cde Baca

The bride and groom will be coming to dismiss their friends and family. Please remain in your seats until they have a chance to come to you.

(Recessional and then Jesse and Ashley will return to the front and dismiss all the guests)

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♥♥♥ the blessign tree. thats such a great way to get all the guests involved and a fantastic memory for after.

♥ it ALL