Jul 06, 2013


My planned DIY projects

*Bridesmaids personalized hangers

*Bridesmaids jewelry

*Bridesmaids shoes (just buy flip flops and dazzle them up)

*personalized bags for bidesmaids gifts

*paper flowers for the centerpieces

*sheet music roses for bouts

*crepe paper flowers for bouquets

*program board for ceremony

*towels for seating for ceremony (sew on heart patch)

*my shoes (find green ones and add sparkle)

*Cake topper (decorate the famous crafty eddy topper)

*Sign for candy buffet

*add rhinestones to tongs and scoops for candy buffet

*candy labels

*candy bags

*homemade rock candy ( we will see how this goes)

*toasting glasses for all bridalparty

*alter for ceremony

*hopefully dye my crinoline

*save the dates


*stand for the mini cakes

*"fake" cake to push cake pops into

*photobooth (permitting on time and if I can figure it out)

*flower girl wands

*smaller chalk boards for signs

*sign for photos

*crepe paper garland for behind cake table

*backdrop for head table








(2) Comments

Wow,you are so creative and ambitous but i'm sure its all going to to turn out great, I look foward to seening it all.

Your going to be busy girl!! Those are some great projects!!!