Jul 21, 2012


My Last DIY-Wedding Programs

I had been looking at programs for the ceremony and reception for months, and noticed that they were all seperate documents, so I decided to incorporate it in one. I used Word to create the programs and played around with various fonts and styles. I decided to use some of the same font I used for my DIY invitations and inserts and added my monogram to the background layout for our acknowledgement page and also added a map. The final program includes a cover page, acknowledgement, wedding party, ceremony, reception and map page, an all in one. I only printed the cover page in color (my cherry red was used in the Welcome) and the remaining pages were in black to keep the cost down.

I pdf'd each page seperately and then had them printed at Office Depot, I printed about 35 pages for each page for a total of about 105 programs. The pages were created in Word w/three colums so each document had a total of 3 programs that could be created. Office Depot printed,  I used a $10 off coupon I had at the office. I then used my paper cutter at the office and had help from one of my maids and my daughter who sat and cut them in 3's and I showed them how to layer and place the bow. I used ivory linen paper that I purchased at Office Depot with a $10 coupon and purchased black card stock from Joann's for the back. We used a whole punch gadget that I also purchased from Office Depot to create the side whole where the ribbon (the ribbon represented the same ribbon I used to wrap the wedding invitations, I had some left over, I had purchased from Michael's) was tied. This allowed to have so coheasion btw the invitations and program. I also embossed the word Love with a love stamp that I purchased from Michael's with the goldish/mettalic looking embossing dust. I had also used this dust on the invitations. I learned the embossing technique from one of the reps. at Michael's and also looked at some DIY youtube videos, I purchased the embossing fan at Michael's.

Here was my inspiration, I think my replica's were not so bad.


Here are a few pictures and if you want the Word doc. so that you can create your own, I am willing to share, no need for someone else to get stressed out trying to recreate this.

My Last DIY Wedding Programs photo 1My Last DIY Wedding Programs photo 2My Last DIY Wedding Programs photo 3

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I am going to locate the thumbdrive and then I will email to you at the office. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

Love it, please send me the template.

Glad you loved, I will send to you.

I love your wedding program! Beautiful! I am tying to send you a message but couldn't get through. Can you please send me the word document to Thank you!