Jul 21, 2012


Nonprofessional Wedding Day Photos

Here are some photos from the wedding. It was really something special for us, we had family and friends from all over as far as Denmark, Nigeria to all over the US, really something special to have them here with us and the contributions I can't put a price on it, having them here and knowing what everyone did was truly a gift in itself. Happy planning and marriage to you all....we will all continue to pray for God's blessings to shower and manifest in our lives, in the lives of our families and in the unions that myself and all of you PW ladies are creating. I am forever thankful for this day, this moment and for finding PW, it really helped me to get all of this going. I'm thinking the greatest DIY is being your own planner, because you really get to see a special moment in your life created by you.

Write up in the South Florida Times:

Nonprofessional Wedding Day Photos photo 1Nonprofessional Wedding Day Photos photo 2Nonprofessional Wedding Day Photos photo 3Nonprofessional Wedding Day Photos photo 4Nonprofessional Wedding Day Photos photo 5Nonprofessional Wedding Day Photos photo 6Nonprofessional Wedding Day Photos photo 7

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Your dress is so beautiful, perfect fit!!