Sep 02, 2012


***My Fling Before the Ring***

I had sooooo much fun at my bachelorette party!!! First I got this message on facebook a few days prior: 

For your bachelorette party extravaganza, you will need to be at your house at 11am sharp on Saturday. We are not telling you where you are going or what we are doing other than it is going to be epic.

You will need:
• A comfy outfit
• A dress up outfit
• A bathing suit
• PJs
• Your ID
• Toothbrush… other toiletries 
• Your game face


Your bridesmaids and MOH 

So August 11th arrives. FI was telling me he was really nervous because we both know nothing and my friends can be crazy at times. I did tell him he shouldn't worry though because I requested a classy bachelorette party. I woke up 2 hours before my alarm went off because I was so excited. I even had little nervous excited butterflies in my stomach :) My sister, friend Heather and bridesmaid Sara came to my house to pick me up and carpool. They also filled FI in on the details to put his mind at ease.My Fling Before the Ring photo 1

and of course I have to throw in a pic of FI and I

My Fling Before the Ring photo 2

So we stopped at Starbucks and my girlies treated me to breakfast and a delicious coffee. YUM! Then we drove and drove, me with no idea. They all kept saying "when we get where we're going." We chatted the whole way. We arrived at a hotel and I walked into a super cute decorated room. All hot pink and black zebra. I had to ask..."so where are we?" Ann Arbor! Yay! I've never been able to party there and I am a U of M fan! Happy bride! 

My Fling Before the Ring photo 3My Fling Before the Ring photo 4 These said "Forget anything? Here's a few "extras" to help along the way while we show Ashley a very crazy day. Have fun, drink up and let's get ready to Party!"

My Fling Before the Ring photo 5My Fling Before the Ring photo 6My Fling Before the Ring photo 7My Fling Before the Ring photo 8

My Fling Before the Ring photo 9

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wow! Thaey really worked hard on it!!

Woaw! Looks like they thought about everything!

Super cute! I love how they put funny sighns here and there!!

So cute!  Your girls really did put a lot of thought in to things that really captured your wedding.   Adorable.