Sep 02, 2012


Bachelorette Spa Party

So after we settled in, got some yummy drinks (pink moscato and raspberry punch), we put our bathing suits on and went down to enjoy the pool and hot tub. We didn't take any pics down there. But when we came back to the room I was surprised with an Arbonne lady there to pamper us!Bachelorette Spa Party photo 1Bachelorette Spa Party photo 2Bachelorette Spa Party photo 3

We did a purifying mask, soaked our feet, used warm towels on our faces, scrubbed our feet with a sugar scrub, then put toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, etc on our faces. At the end she pulled out make-up for us to play around and get pretty for going out. 

***Gift Opening***

I was not expecting gifts at all, especially after everything everyone did for me. But they spoiled me some more. I guess they were all told to bring gifts "for the honeymoon" so I got airport friendly sized cosmetics, lotions, etc. and then of course lingerie, nighties and edible goodies. It was really fun. Bachelorette Spa Party photo 4

My girls also bought so much Arbonne product that I got $125 of free product and a gift basket full of goodies! I of course purchased some more things on top of that as well. Champagne + pampering + shopping = damage to the wallet. Oh well I'll have fantastic skin on my honeymoon! lol

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Ahahahahah! Love your attitude about expenses! You'll have an AMAZING time on your honeymoon!

hahaha love the mustache on the straw!!! 

There is nothing better than a spa day with the girls!

Pampering and partying!  Sounds like a fantastic start to your day.