Sep 02, 2012


Bachelorette Extravaganza!

The amazing festivities continued. We got ready to go out to dinner and then to the bars. One of my friends did my eye make-up because I'm always afraid to do bold make-up. I still felt odd wearing so much eye make-up but everyone assured me it looked good. They also had a sparkly veil, garters and a sash for me to wear that night. It was really girly and fun.

 Bachelorette Extravaganza photo 1 

All dressed up and ready to go!

The bridal party wore garters too... Bachelorette Extravaganza photo 2

We went to dinner at a pizza place - Dominick's

Bachelorette Extravaganza photo 3Bachelorette Extravaganza photo 4Bachelorette Extravaganza photo 5

They had delicious sangria!

Then the dare shenanigan's began....

Bachelorette Extravaganza photo 6

Get a guy to put on red lipstick and kiss your cheek. Thanks Devin!

Bachelorette Extravaganza photo 7

Go into the men's bathroom for at least 30 seconds

Bachelorette Extravaganza photo 8 

there was pee in the urinal still!

Bachelorette Extravaganza photo 9

Get a picture pretending to be arrested. lol this was an add on to the dare list. My girls spontaneously decided to have me do this when they saw the cop.

Bachelorette Extravaganza photo 10

Stand on a chair and scream "I'm getting married!"

The other dares were:

  • Collect from a random guy: belt, condom (the first guy we found with one had a gold magnum!! it was too funny), phone #, boxers, sock
  • Get a guy to buy you your favorite drink or shot (I just asked for a shot because I don't drink enough to have a favorite)
  • Approach a couple dancing and get in the middle (I actually approached a couple at the bar and I asked permission first, I didn't want any drama)
  • Get a photo with the bouncer (did this one twice, at the first and last bar)
  • Dance like no one is watching by yourself for 45 seconds. (This one was easy once I had some drinks)
  • Take a picture with: the tallest guy in a bar, the shortest guy in a bar, man with a mustache, bartender
  • Pick the cutest guy in bar and ask him to sing to you (I wasn't finding cute guys so I just had a random guy on the sidewalk between bars sing "Like a Virgin" to me and it was hilarious. MOH has video)
  • Find a married man and ask him for marriage advice (this one made me sad because the advice I received was to prevent him from cheating give him a BJ every morning and have an open marriage. Big let down)
  • Have a guy speak to you in a foreign language (a guy from Tokyo said "I love you" in Japanese and of course I said "Arigato")
  • Ask random guy if you can practice walking down the aisle (our server at Ashley's Bar walked with me lol)
  • Put lipstick on your teeth and ask a random guy if you look ok (this was so funny!)
  • Find a blad man and ask to rub his head for good luck (I felt mean with this but he was a good sport. It was an older gentleman we passed outside between bars)
  • Get or give a random massage (gave a quick shoulder rub to a nerdy guy named Brian)
  • Get a picture with another bachelorette (she was a total b****. Her BMs saw me on the opposite end of the bar and shouted out to her that there was another bride and she looked at me, made a nasty face and said "yea I know" all snotty. My girls made me feel better by saying "it's because you're prettier and we have a hotter group than she does." lol. I know it was catty and petty but I loved my girls for it)
  • Get a dance from "Magic Mike" (we found a super nice and fun guy named Mike who was willing to help out with several of our dares)

I had the best time since my 21st birthday! I am so touched that my girls put so much thought and effort, time and money into planning this for me. They were telling me that they were stalking my Pinterest boards for inspiration - the moscato punch, smores bar, hangover kits, dare list, sash, spa party,etc - and they made a secret facebook group to communicate. My sister even said to me before any of it started "You are very lucky. Your friends really know you and they planned a great party that is very "you." And it was. It was girly, with my closest friends and I got spoiled big time. The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then went home and everyone was planning to sleep some more. I got to come home and crawl in bed and cuddle with FI all day until he had to get ready for work. I'm also excited because the girls that didn't know each other previously now do and are even more excited for the wedding because they will know more people and be able to party it up a little more. 3 weeks!!!!

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This looks like it was a blast!

That was just great! So happy for you :)

Awww! You are radious on your pictures! It's yelling that you had fun!!! I'm really happy for you! And you know what...this was just the beggining cause your wedding will be even better!! Yay!

hahahaha I picture the hole thing and it sounds hilarious!! I'm saving the dear chalenges! They are super!